Self Catering Villas Mauritius

Wonderful self catering villas for rent

Mauritius can be a very enriching experience for its visitors. It has something to offer to everyone- be it a fondness for nature, a chance to behold its immense and immeasurable beauty or a step closer to spirituality. For those of you, independent and strong headed personalities, who want to explore the world and your surrounding and experience the gift of nature, or well, just a little tight on budget; we offer self catering villas. The villas are laced with all the facilities that would make your stay comfortable and cater to all your needs effectively.

Our fine collections of self catering villas have beautiful terraces surrounded with scenic beauty of Mauritius, wide gardens and swimming pools.

We have classified villas and properties facing the turquoise see to let you take in the abundance of Mauritius. From honeymoon couples to a group of friends, our villas have one, two and three rooms variants.

Our international team is always at hand for all your needs, whether it is to pick you up from the airport to organise your excursions. Our lovely villas by the sea have the luxury of a private pool and a large garden.

Soak in the sunny and tropical climate of Mauritius by the sea with your partner, friends or family or let yourself laze around in the warm Mauritius sun by the pool. The villas’ balconies and terraces offer fantastic view of the lagoon.

We respect your privacy and our designed our villas to take care of all your requirements and let you celebrate some quality time with your partner or family and friends. Our amazing team is always there for your aid in case you need any kind of help or suggestion.