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Mauritius Island - Discover Mauritius

Mauritius Holidays

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, a stone-throw away from the African coastline. For a country of its stature, Mauritius hosts a range of attractions that makes it appealing to tourists and the perfect spot to holiday year round. One of the first things that captivate tourists to holiday on the island is the natural beaches and lakes and the lush native flora and fauna. Whether you are taking a dip in Trou aux Biches or going snorkeling in Belle Mare Plage, chances are you’ll find something to suit your needs. Holiday villas in Mauritius offer truly spectacular views of nature that are unlike any other tourist destination. Mauritius has an array of waterfalls, beaches and lakes, the clear and pristine blue waters shine in the sunlight and entice you to feel the warm waters, Mauritius also offers options for the more adventurous; whether it’s taking hike up the Black River Gorges National Park or visiting the volcano at Torou aux Cerfs, you will find yourself completely immersed when you holiday in Mauritius. You won’t have to look far to find traces of the Indian and African cultures on the island. The unique blend of cultures sheds an interesting tale of culture that is woven into the fabric of the island. Take a trip down and you too might find yourself not wanting to leave.

Mauritius Accommodation

If you are travelling to Mauritius, one thing you will notice is the range of holiday accommodation options available. Mauritius is home to world class, top of the line accommodations that entice you to stay just a little bit longer. The island offers a mix of luxury hotels and cozy villas nestled by the beach. Luxury accommodations in Mauritius are a great option for those who want to enjoy easy access to the beach and nightlife, exquisite dining and spectacular views of the ocean and pool. For tourists who enjoy golfing, there are also a number of hotels that have golf courses on the property extending for several miles. Depending on your budget and interests, there are more affordable hotel or villa selections that offer quality service and accommodation at a reasonable price. Mauritius also has a fair share of villas and bed and breakfast inns that offer a more intimate and personal experience. Getting around on the island is also relatively easy so look for holiday accommodation that is located around activities that you enjoy. If you enjoy being close to central areas then staying closer to the city may be a good option, however don’t be afraid to venture around the island, there are many sights to see!

Mauritius Villas

Villas in Mauritius offer a secluded and private retreat away from the hustle and bustle. Mauritian villa rentals offer an alternative way of experiencing Mauritius and typically cater to families or larger groups who prefer to have a secluded space. Additionally many holiday villas have amenities that allow you the option to cook for yourself or may come staffed with a cook or wait staff depending on your needs. There are many types of villas in Mauritius that cater to varied interests. Depending on if you like to be close to the lush forest area, or close to the beach or close to Grand Bay, there is a holiday villa rental for you. Before selecting a villa in Mauritius take the time to think carefully about which side of the island appeals to you most, whether the north, south or east end. There are also several villas for rent on the smaller bordering islands such as Rodrigues that offer a rustic, off the beaten path experience. One of the main advantages of getting a villa in Mauritius is the flexibility to enjoy the island on your own terms. Living in a holiday rental villa allows tourists to experience a range of different cuisines, beach attractions and to interact with locals. Whether you are looking for a top of the line villa or a secluded, low-key option, Mauritius has just the right option for you.

Luxury villas Mauritius

Luxury villas in Mauritius take the notion of relaxing to another level. They offer a completely one of a kind experience that allows tourists to enjoy their own private space with all the amenities they could every need. The first thing you will notice about these villas is the stunning architectural features of the property. These luxury villas offer modern design and layouts that can match any 5 star hotels in Mauritius. Most properties come equipped with a swimming pool, a state of the art kitchen and a relaxing outdoor lounge space. If you are looking for true comfort, you can find villas that are staffed with a cook, cleaners and wait staff to meet your every need. Mauritian luxury villas offer the equivalent experience of a 5 star hotel but include a personalized and private experience that truly caters to your specific needs. Luxury villas are truly a piece of paradise. From the stunning living environment to the lush outdoors surrounded by pristine clear waters, you feel like you are at home in nature. Whether you find yourself in at the Tiara luxury villas or the Clos du Littoral villas, these luxury villas offer an experience that is catered solely to you, and that is something that no hotel can beat.

Mauritius beach villas

If there is one reason you should travel to Mauritius, it should be to witness the spectacular Mauritian beaches. The crystal clear waters flanked by dazzling white sand makes Mauritian beaches ideal for swimming or snorkeling. Beach villas are the best way to get your own private piece of paradise. Most beach villas will be accompanied by a swimming pool and have an expansive outdoor space that opens up the indoor living to the beach. There is just something magical about having your beach villa open up to the ocean. At every angle there are wide expansive views of the crisp blue sea and the sound of the calm waves rushing onto the shore. While there are hotels that offer great access to the beach, there is something about having your own secluded beach paradise that makes beach villas truly irresistible. Furthermore for groups of friends, the beach can serve as the center of all the fun activities, whether it’s having a drink, snorkeling, playing volley ball or just relaxing you won’t ever be bored. There are numerous beach villas in Mauritius that offer a different view of the island, take your time to explore the options and find the best one you’re your family and friends.

Mauritius Apartments

Renting a holiday apartment in Mauritius can be an affordable way to enjoy the island life. Apartments for rent in Mauritius typically contain 2 - 3 bedrooms and allow visitors to prepare their own meals. This option typically works out best for larger groups of persons who are fine with giving up the luxury of a hotel and would rather rent an apartment. That being said there are a range of holiday apartment options here in Mauritius for rent. One of the major deciding factors when selecting an apartment its proximity to areas that you frequent often. Finding an apartment in Trou aux biches, Tamarin or any other region you love, may be a great way to enjoy the nightlife  without having to worry about paying for an expensive hotel to spend the night. Alternatively if you plan to do numerous excursions to various parts of the island, an apartment may be a more cost effective option. Apartments in Mauritius also tend to have much more living space than their hotel counterparts which is an added bonus. Whatever you decide take the time to explore the apartments for rent Mauritius, they offer affordable accommodation that gives you more room in your budget to explore the island.

Mauritius villas with private pool

If you end up staying at a private villa in Mauritius, do yourself a favor and make sure that it comes with a pool. In the warm Mauritian climate, private pool villas offer a great way to cool down from the scorching heat. Furthermore having your own private pool in Mauritius gives you the freedom to enjoy relaxing outside. While I must admit that I do love the beach, sometimes it’s just not practical to go to the beach. When it’s late at night for instance, having a villa with a private pool is a great way to keep the festivities going without having to worry about safety. Private pools in Mauritius are also a great bonus for persons who prefer being able to have an entertaining space without having to go out. Often times, private pools have outdoor spaces that contain a garden and a grill. Having these conveniences can be a huge bonus when having a large group of friends or inviting over friends that you have met during your trip. Villas in Mauritius surrounded by pools also offer a great way to connect the interior and exterior space which makes your villa seem much larger than it actually is. Having the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in your own privacy is what makes these private pool villas truly worth it.

Mauritius bungalows

Beach bungalows in Mauritius are quaint cottages that typically have a flat floor plan with a single story. Mauritian bungalows for rent offer many unique housing options that showcase the lush scenery of the island. Bungalows have a cozy and inviting feel that make them more charming than other housing options. As with villas, bungalows can be found near beach areas and with pools depending on your preferences. Additionally it is possible to find bungalows in Mauritius that come with a professional staff to help you with your everyday needs. Bungalows are offered for rent on any corner of the island making it easy to source an option in the area desired. Beach bungalows are suited for families or group of friends due to the spacious floor plan and homey environment. Bungalows can also be a cost effective way to travel as their costs can be significantly lower than the equivalent hotel. Moreover bungalows are often located in quiet, charming villages that offer tourists a chance to get to know the culture of the island and its people. Most bungalows in Mauritius are located within walking distance of tourist attractions making it suitable for planning excursions on your own. When you plan your trip to Mauritius spend the time to explore bungalows as you may find the experience cultural fulfilling and eye-opening.

Mauritius car rental & Driving in Mauritius

Car rental in Mauritius offers a great way to explore the island on your own time and gives you flexibility to venture to different areas of the island. For persons who have travelled before you may have grown accustomed to obtaining international drivers permit in order to rent a car. However in Mauritius, most tourists are able to drive with their domestic license for a period of 4 weeks. If you intend to stay longer than the 4 week period then an international permit (from your home country) would need to be obtained before renting a car in Mauritius. The first thing you notice when you start driving is that Mauritians drive on the left side of the road. There is major highway that connects the south East of the Island (near the airport) to the North of the Island (near Grand Bay). Most rental cars from the art are equipped with a GPS system and also have a yellow license plate to differentiate them from other vehicles. In case you get lost, Mauritians are more than happy to help you find your destination so just wind down the window and ask any local for directions. The posted speed on the highway is 80 km/h and 110 km/h on the roadways, although you may find that the average speed tends to be around 60 – 8- km/h. Road signs in Mauritius are written in accordance with international standards, this makes getting around the island very straightforward. If you are thinking about car rental as an option for transport in Mauritius, contact us directly to check out the options available to you.

Mauritius honeymoon packages

The sparkling beaches, lush scenery and luxurious accommodation make Mauritius an amazing setting to relax and enjoy that special time with your loved one. When it comes to celebrating love here in Mauritius, the opportunities are endless. For some persons they have the wedding, reception and honeymoon all here on the island. However many resorts and villas offer honeymoon packages that cater to couples looking to forget about the hectic wedding day and started celebrating their new life together. Honeymoon packages typically last anywhere from 4 – 7 days and are created to focus on your enjoyment alone. At typically honeymoon package in Mauritius start from the moment you step on the villa, there is a bottle of champagne and fresh fruit waiting for you. Most honeymoon packages come with top of the line spa treatment and all the food you could ever need. Honeymoon packages are a great deal because they allow you to customize your trip to activities that you and your partner will enjoy. It takes the hassle out of planning trips and helps you to truly enjoy the limited time in Mauritius with your spouse. With most honeymoon packages the customer service is also of utmost importance and in Mauritius they understand that. Staff is very accommodating and will work with you to ensure that your honeymoon runs seamlessly. At first glance persons are often concerned about the costs of the honeymoon packages, however there are a range of options to choose from and they can be customized to your specific needs. Do your research and find the option that best suits your needs, you’ll be happy that you did,

Geography of Mauritius

Mauritius is a volcanic island that is made of the main island of Mauritius and two smaller islands of Rodrigues and Reunion. There are also several outer islands nearby that serve as fishing bases. Located close to the topic of Capricorn, Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate which was created a one of kind biodiversity. The island is flanked with white sand beaches on the coastal areas and lush forest near mountainous areas. These lush forests are home to several species of animals, most noticeably the dodo which is now extinct. The island also boasts some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world such as beaches, waterfalls, lakes you name it. The natural beauty of Mauritius is truly magnificent and is what draws people back to the island time and time again.

Climate in Mauritius

Mauritius is located near to the Tropic of Capricorn and enjoys a warm climate which makes it perfect for vacationing year round. The summer season runs from November to April with winter starting in June and lasting until September. Mauritius like most tropical climates has a very humid temperature with occasional rainfall occurring mainly in central areas. The country does experience tropical cyclones occasionally which bring heavy rainfalls and strong winds. Due to the trade winds, Mauritius does experience some cooler days with cooler temperatures in the night. Mountainous areas also experience a range of weather due to its height above ground. The warm climate does influence much of the day to day activities and you may find that there is a certain rhythm to the island that entices you the moment you arrive.

Languages in Mauritius

Mauritius has a rich history of colonization by the British, French and Dutch. Additionally due to the immigration and displacement of several indentured laborers, Mauritius has many locals who are ethnically Indian or Chinese. While there is no official language, most Mauritians speak French while English is taught formally in schools. Moreover, in an informal setting you find that most Mauritians speak Mauritian creole which is a language that was used by former slaves to prevent French colonizers from understanding them. Mauritian creole is therefore French based but incorporates African, English and South Asian words as well. There are also several ethnic groups that maintain their mother tongue such as Hindi, Telegu, Marathi, Urdu, Tamil or even Mandarin. There is therefore a spectrum of languages that are widely spoken on the island, try to see if you can pick up any of these tongues the next time you travel there!

Money / Currency in Mauritius

The currency used in Mauritius is known as the Mauritian rupee. Once you arrive at the airport there are several bureaus where you can change your home currency to local rupees. If you change in your home country you may get an ideal rate. Do not assume that places in Mauritius will use Euros or dollars, most places do not and you take the risk of losing money. ATM machines can also be easily found around the island which is another way you can access your money, however note that your domestic bank may charge you a fee. Credit cards such as visa or MasterCard can also be used to make purchases. Before travelling take a minute to contact your bank and inquire about the best way to access your money when in Mauritius.

Culture in Mauritius

During its history Mauritius was colonized by the English, Dutch and French, as a result their culture is a melting pot of several different influences. Furthermore there are many persons who are ethnically Chinese and Indian who live on the island, therefore the customs and traditions are representative of these various groups. One thing you will notice is that there is no official religion in Mauritius; there are Hindus, Muslims, Christians and even Buddhists who all coexist irrespective of varying beliefs. Likewise the cuisine in Mauritius is a blend of Chinese, Indian, European and creole influence. The food tends to have a heavy French influence however with the influx of Chinses and Indian immigrants, food such as roti, rice, chutneys and noodles became introduced in the regular diet. The diversity of culture also extends to the holidays in Mauritius where both Indian and Chinese cultures are equally celebrated. The culture on the island is a blend of several countries which bonds together to make Mauritian culture truly one of a kind.