Sky Diving Mauritius

Sky Diving Mauritius
Sky Diving Mauritius

Why Sky diving excursion is one of the must do activities in Mauritius?
• Once in a life time experience that offers an unparalleled adrenaline rush. In order to make your vacation truly memorable, go for the ultimate adventure thrill that is available to you.
• You will be able to experience a jump from 10.000 feet (approximately 3.000 meters). The jump is absolutely safe and secure and you will be accompanied by a diving instructor if you need.
• The jump also comes with a bonus journey over the magnificent Mauritius where you get a chance to observe the beautiful island from a bird’s eye perspective.

• In addition to the sky dive, you also get to enjoy a 25 minutes flight over the magnificent East coast (Belle Mare, Poste Lafayette, Roches Noires, Poudre d’Or). Followed by a 30 seconds free-fall nearing 200Km/h and a canopy descent of approximately 5 minutes.
• The landscape underneath will leave you speechless and offer you truly a memorable experience. You will be left with colorful and vivid memories together with an immense joy that cannot be fully captured into words.
• You can also have the bonus experience of getting your sky dive in a form of video that you can take with you and show it your friends and family.

Main Features
The activity can be broken down into following
• The safety and security briefing at the start of the activity. This will inform and provide you about necessary information that you will need during the sky dive.
• The full length of the excursion is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. This includes the time from when you leave from the air strip to the time when you are back on the ground.
• The drop zone is hidden among sugar cane fields in the Northern plains, the drop zone is based at Mon Loisir,in the vicinity of Rivière du Rempart village,20 minutes’ drive from Grand Bay and 1 hour, at most, from the South.
• In case you are part of a bigger group, the group can remain at the drop zone while you head for the sky dive. In around 90 minute’s time, they would be there to welcome you after completing a scintillating sky dive.

How will it work?
The activity is available seven days a week between 7:00 to 18:00 (maximum). In case there is certain climate problem and flights are grounded, you will be informed in due time.

Additional Information
• You are not required to bring anything special with you as the gear will be provided to you.
• The minimum age for this excursion is 15 years. All adults younger than the age of 18 require a written proof of permission from their guardians or parents.
• There is a weight limit for this activity which ranges between 40 kg to 95 kg.

A bit about sky diving and what you can actually see during the tour
You will be able to have an extremely beautiful view of the island.


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