Sea Kayaking Trip lle d’Ambre Island (A half day event)

Sea Kayaking Trip lle d’Ambre Island
Sea Kayaking Trip lle d’Ambre Island

Why sea kayaking trip is one of the must activities to do in Mauritius?
• This is one of those excursions that let you enjoy Mother Nature at her fullest. Not only you will be able to enjoy a perfect day, you will be able to understand kayaking and the joy associated with it.
• This activity lets you have a day where you are slightly cut off from the technology and have total access in immersive nature.

Main Features
• The trip includes three and a half hours of sea kayaking.
• Intermittent breaks to explore the beauty of lagoon.
• Snorkeling is also available at your own comfort. Step under the water to enjoy the complete hidden beauty of under-water life.

How will it work?
This excursion offers a unique educational experience that revolved around understanding local flora like no other.
• To start the activity, you will be heading for Ile D'Ambre Island. Ile D'Ambre is an islet (islet = small island) inside the lagoon, with varied vegetation of mangroves among others.
• Once you are done with the briefing and training required for the excursion, you will be all set for taking your kayak to the water. In order to maintain safety at all times - all tourists have to wear safety jackets.

• A regular experienced professional will be part of the group throughout to ensure that you have a rich and safe experience.
• Kayaks available include single and double kayaks that you can select based on your preference.
• The kayaks are well equipped and regularly maintained. The equipment includes safety ropes, personal floating device and a water proof compartment to store your electronics and other accessories.
• You can also ask for snorkels, dry bags, gloves and masks which will be provided without any additional charge.
• Juice, snacks and water is available and will be provided to you on demand.

Additional Information
The location for this excursion is in the North East of the Mauritius Island.
• The minimum age for this activity is 8 years old.
• The operating hours of the activity are between 9:00 to 12:30 every day. Although the activity is open every single day of the week the hours are limited to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment at the peak day time.
• The activity requires a certain amount of physical strength and previous experience comes in extremely handy for maximum enjoyment.
• The difficulty level of the activity can be ranked as medium. Beginners may feel it difficult but enjoyable at the same time.

A bit about sea kayaking and what you can actually see during them
This excursion is a blend of adventure and exploration. It offers a great glimpse of interesting fauna and flora.



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