Mauritius Holiday Rentals

We Guarantee the Best rates for booking of villas and apartments in Mauritius.

Always get the best available rates for any apartment, villa, suite or penthouse in Mauritius.

Mauritius is the ultimate place of having that perfect beach vacation that you always dreamt of. Be it to enjoy the golden sunny beach or wash yourself with the calm turquoise water, this place has it all. Not only does this place offer such exotic views and experiences, Mauritius has a range of exclusive villas and apartments that will make your stay more than comfortable.

It is guaranteed that the villas will heighten your experience of this visit making the trip wonderful and memorable. We have a large collection of exotic holiday apartments, houses and villas all across Mauritius that will create the perfect vacation for you!

Why you should decide on self catering villas rather than hotels in Mauritius?

If you rent any of the villas or the holiday houses in Mauritius, be it as a single, as a couple for honeymoon or with your entire family, you can be sure to have the best of comfort and style to enjoy in the luxury Mauritius villas. With modern luxury and contemporary living spaces your stay will be private and worthwhile. You will have some precious moments to spend with your friends and family in the extravagance of the best amenities and services.

Renting a holiday villa has numerous benefits

More value less price
The villas are rented out at a lower price than the hotels and resort accommodations available here. They offer you with the world class services at the best price making the vacation budget friendly yet luxuriously comfortable and hectic free.

Size issues
As much as we think of the budget as a factor, even size of the accommodation matters big time, especially when you are planning to have a holiday with friends or family members. It is easier to find a large private holiday villa rather than a hotel room or suite to accommodate a large group of people.

Whenever you plan for a vacation you think of the time that you will spend with your loved ones. We want the discreet privacy with our family members and friends, where we can just be ourselves for that particular game. The best part is you will have the property all by yourself and no one else will be bothering you in your vacation time. Honeymooners will love the private honeymoon villas with private pool.

Homey feeling
Although a holiday might be about exploring the destination, however, there are times when you want to spend all day at your villa and enjoy the best of amenities possible. The villas are fully equipped with modern luxuries and amenities that can be found at your home and sometimes even more than that. They offer a homelike feeling and include different books, videos, games and DVD's. The kitchens are furnished with utensils and modern day equipment and you will also have linens, bath and beach towels along with full furnishing of every room.

The endless benefits and advantage of having self catering apartment will definitely attract your attention. They are largely spacious, extremely comfortable and highly well maintained and equipped. Long list of opportunities and benefits will only get longer eventually. Catering every age group, villas will be wonderful for everyone, starting from a large gathering to an intimate honeymoon escape; they will be the ultimate vacation accommodation for everyone.

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